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Amelia Vilona is originally from Portland, Oregon and has currently been living in Colorado for the past nine years. While growing up in OR, she was given her first Nikon film camera and learned the style at a young age. This turned into a relationship where it was more than a hobby, but a possible lifestyle to look through the lens and create art. In 2013, Amelia earned her BA at the University of Colorado at Boulder in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography, and double majored in Art History.

After graduating she has developed her photography, primarily in portraiture. When it comes to making artwork, she creates alternative process prints with the Van Dyke Brown printing. This alternative process in photography was learned while studying her emphasis at CU. This process enables her to work in a darkroom and make a unique and one of a kind photograph as the process cannot be duplicated exactly with each print.

Amelia is particularly drawn to this process because of its trial and error complexity, nothing is ever guaranteed as the chemicals create new tonalities with light exposure. To think of a photograph in only brown tonalities is also a fulfilling task, whether or not it is premeditated, it changes the mood and perception of a particular image. Rather than color or black and white, it creates a vastness in its artistry. From the very beginning, she is able to add a painterly style as she creates the canvas’ range on the watercolor paper.

The possibilities with brown printing are endless, another captivating feature for Amelia in her admiration for photography. The theme she concentrates on most incorporates Colorado landscape and imagery, depicting her surroundings is of great importance. This reflects greatly on Amelia’s lifestyle and employs her love of nature and spending time outdoors.

Amelia is the co-director of the Vilona Gallery, working alongside with her mother, Cheri Vilona.





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    Amelia Vilona Brown Printing Process Photography for Vilona Gallery

  • "Dream Stream" Colorado Barn Series

  • "Dream Stream" Colorado Barn Series

  • Chautauqua in Boulder

  • September Rain

  • Tree Gaze

  • Vail Pass